Quest Force announced
Announcing a new project; Quest Force.
After Haku no Tsuri I want to make a proper longer RPG - and this is it.
This means that Shadowed Moon is put on hold for now.
I've learned quite alot about nes development and I've bought a dev device so I can test things on the actual thing.
This means that my hobby projects will be NES stuff for quite a while.
Haku no Tsuri
This week I was participating in a Fishing Game Jam. Check out this video showcasing the game:
The game is a japanese style rpg presented as if it was translated by some random fans.
The game is for the NES just like Shadowed Moon.

You can also listen to the soundtrack here: I'll probably upload some kind of manual later (and maybe fix some things with the game in the future). Hope you enjoy it!
You can download the game at the following link
PS: It's a NES rom!
More Shadowed Moon
Shadowed Moon is progressing fast. In the past two-ish weeks I've added some music, a couple of sound effects, player vs world collision, bullets (with world collision), the first enemy called "the spewer", enemy bullets and I've also started designing the HUD. Check out the following screenshots!
Shadowed Moon
Hey there internets. I've started work on a NES game (awesome!). I'm gonna go buy a NES or a FAMICOM at the next "retrospelsmässan" in gothenburg (the same retro games convention I bought my gameboy last year) so I thought I would start early with some developing. I created bird just to see if I could and now I want to create a full game with the powers I've acquired. Here's the first screen of the game:
So our (ludosity) latest prototype game is available. Developed by Juha, concepted by me!
Oh yeah, me and my gameboy made the music too!
Follow this link and try to beat my score (I'm haku on the leaderboards)!
So I bought a Game Boy a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to try and create a game for it. A couple of days later I had a test product called Bird. Check it out at the following link! I would also recommend using VirtualBoyAdvance to play it - get it at the following link.
The Last Story - Gameboy Theme
Just finished "The Last Story" for the Nintendo Wii today. Here's a Gameboy version of the main theme I made a couple of days ago.